Info Keys,Inc. offers a unique mix of stimulating work environment, continuous growth avenues, and a competitive benefits package. We believe that employees are our biggest assets and we provide them the best opportunity to increase their income and skills, providing training, and being sensitive to individual needs.

Here are some of the reasons consultants prefer to work as part of our team.

Flexible Compensation

  • Salaried (full-time employee)
  • Contingency (hourly W2)
  • Independent (hourly incorporated)

Variety of Assignments

As our services span most technologies, a wide range of projects is always available.

Reputation for Integrity

Honesty always makes good sense. By simply being upright and straightforward, we earned a reputation for integrity.

Personal Attention

The relationship does not end when the consultant reaches the client site. Account representatives keep in close contact through semi-regular meetings with clients and consultants to insure the satisfaction of both parties and the success of the project.

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IRVING, TX - 75063

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