INFOKEYS’ Services Provide you with:-

  • Reduced cost of ownership as a large part of the testing & automation services offered from any typeof implementation.
  • Enhanced Quality & Stability of the product: As Our Team takes over the regression testingof the product, your engineers can focus on enhancing the testing scenarios and test plans.
  • Reduced Time to market as InfoKeys can supplement the needs for product Testing
  • Reduction in testing time: Automation of test cases reduces the testing cycle times whileimproving the testing accuracy. This ensures that the end-product quality is enhanced while thecosts of the testing are reduced. The cost of automation is itself reduced as most of the work can be done from offshore.
  • Enhanced automation coverage: Our engineers can handle the automation activity, which the existing test engineers can continue to focus on release testing.

A key factor for the success of today's products is the robust quality of the product. Our testing and automation service ensures that your product quality is enhanced, while reducing both the time to market and cost of testing.

Our testing services encompass test strategy design, test case creation, test bed design and the regular activity of test execution, test replication and bug tracking and resolution. The testing includes functionality, system, load/ stress, performance, scalability, security, installation and compatibility, usability, inter-operability, etc.

Our Automation Services encompass automation strategy creation, automation framework design & development, the design, development & testing of the automation scripts. Another key activity is the design, development and maintenance of in-house tools that aid in testing.

Automated testing is a strategic step today and is gaining a lot of focus in the product development world. Automation reduces the testing cycle times while enhancing the quality of testing. This further enables the test staff to focus on deeper aspects of testing.

The testing and automation service can start at the product development stage itself and span until the end-of-life stage of the product. The testing process while seamlessly following the current customers test process would be fine tuned to work in a offshore model.

Our expertise and experience offer a smooth testing project with on-time and within-budget completion.